Sunday, May 16, 2010

Loving your lilies

Live like the lilies
White and free
As they define it
They say, feel easy
They say, row the boat steady

Live like the daisies
Feel free and sugary
Try to understand freedom
Like the wind beneath your collarbone
Around your navel

Pour caffeine into your heart
Feel excited and young
Define your own flavors
Ask: Are you self satisfied now?
Is the mighty mind without fear?

Is love overrated?
Is it a good music to dance to?
Or is it your own drawing room
Where visitors are allowed
Only to admire your penthouse/pantyhose

Why is innocence so desired?
Is it like coma?
Is it vanilla without the knowledge of it?
Is it a tasty tearjerker?
Is it boredom induced happiness?
Where you cannot complain?

Happiness is like a tree
That has found a few more sunshine
Than the rest.
Happiness is having known the sunshine
Not always living under it

A complaint is like the song
That ends but lingers
Then, you must begin to paint
And create the illusion
Locked inside your reality.

Betrayal is love
Caught without the architecture
So, ultimately
Remember your lilies with love....