Tuesday, September 12, 2006

fairy doodle

I am a fairy doodle
The biggest ass bird that flies with Icarus
I am a accoutrement of flat discoveries
With a Once Upon a Time love...!!!

I make no sense with poetry and never with my words
I make sense with the buttons of your memories
and when the rain drops down in my pillow
and fly away leaving me chained to laughters
I am a fairy doodle
I am a Fairy doodle

I have no dreams coz I only have maintenance bills to pay for them
yesterdays a filthy flat dumpster and today's a dustbin
Inside my heart
I am a fairy doodle
I only hate superstars with extra cheese
I hate the world's justice with a silly saucepan man
I love nothing but my mom's scorn
For having caviare with boxer shots

I do not know who made the Wall
I am the fairy doodle woman
I am alone in this celophane town
asking for some lighthouse isolation
amidst dissolving eyes that seperate me and you

You the fairy doodle do not forget
you who made the stars throb
you who you who who who who
you you you

I am the fairy doodle still.....
la la la la doom doom dum doom
o am just marooned here
maa aa roo roo ned...da da doom
da doom dum doom doom damn
damn damn am just nobody to me
to you you you who who who damn doom
damn damndamn damn

I am a marooned fairy doodle
from my own damn dreams

1 comment:

Ankur Betageri said...

The way the poem goes wild in the end.. captures the elusive feeling angst. Btw this is my little theory about angst

what is angst?
or what is angst angst angst?
angst is lifeforce without beauty
all reason without rhyme.

ur poem makes angst beautiful. kudos.