Friday, February 09, 2007

On the bank of Allegory

It was unnecessary.
To have failed once more

I know how to kill a curiosity
And a cat.

My allowance is a maidenhood
Of soliloquy
And arbitrary endings
That nurses poems
Of high school feelings
And hopes
Of nursery softness.

Later today
I am supposed to find
An allegory
To my answer,
Do I or don’t I deserve
Of the right shade
Grey or a blinding dazzle -
Abortive correspondence
With prominence.
Fatigued fulsomeness,
Gaunt dreams,
Weary with chase and rotting,
With mass verisimilitude.
Custom made fantasy frolics
Fallible scholarship of a three hour
Bridge courses meandering between
Degree calibre
And unacknowledged help
Of non-improvisations.

On the bank of allegory
And by the edge of pungent satire
I stand precariously
With failure at one hand
And the recognition
Of a handicap in me.

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